nostrogen faq

usage / performance / security

what is this thing?

this is a simple vanity key generator for the nostr protocol. choose prefix or suffix, enter allowed characters in the input, and press generate. your keys/addresses will then be generated in the container below for you to copy and save.

show me some examples.

here are some example generated address pairs. don't use these ones if you don't want others to also have access. generate your own instead and store them securely.

prefix: pre

suffix: suf

why can't we use characters b, i, o, or 1?

the characters have to be in the bech32 character set.

how fast will nostrogen find my addresses?

this depends entirely upon how fast your machine is, but here are some rough estimates for a modern laptop or mobile phone:

1 character = usually less than a 0.1 seconds
2 characters = usually less than a 1 second
3 characters = usually less than a 30 seconds
4 characters = usually less than a 10 minutes
5 characters = usually less than a 1 hour
6+ characters = keep fire extinguisher handy

are you going to steal my nostr keys?

nah, but- don't trust, verify. check out the code on github, ask a programmer friend, or- if you're really paranoid, download the source and run this program on a clean computer without internet access. these are just nostr keys though, not bitcoin keys..

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